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"Stroiengineering" Ltd. Sliven implements building of whole structures and construction equipment as well as installing and assembly work in the residential, industrial and city buildings; construction and investment activity; produce and installing of metal constructions; reconstruction and modernization; current maintenance and repairs; building attendance; construction of engineering infrastructure; building consultations.

The company was established on 1 st June 1999. It has the necessary qualified personnel of constructional and mechanical engineers, building mechanics and workers: shuttering-workers, brick workers and plasterers, steel erectors, plumbers, welders, electricians, laminated iron workers, painters, faience workers etc. The main purpose in our work is to create a quality production which will respond to the high requirements of the clients. This is achieved by implanting modern construction technologies, using new materials and high-efficient technology. The professionalism and gained experience in the company give us a lot of advantages: precision in implementation, available prices, strictly observing of the starting deadlines and contractual budgets, keeping the proper attitude to the rest of the participants of the investments process.

Investors of objects implemented by us:
"SYS Industries" LTD Sofia
"WIN'S Industries" LTD Sofia
"Topaz Service" LTD Sofia
"Topaz Mel" LTD Sofia
"Tempodem" LTD Plovdiv
"Autohit 2000" LTD Stara Zagora
"Bulcar" LTD Bourgas
"Bulinvest" LTD Bourgas
"Jenia – S" LTD Sliven
"Energoremont-Sliven" Sliven
Consortium "RWE" Germany

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